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  • So I've been playing Corleone for a couple of days almost a week now.
    So, I don't know if this already suggested or implemented, but I was thinking that adding bulletproof vest would be a good thing which can be our armor. So, in my opinion how armor should work is that once you buy it from a store, you can then equip it manually, or it could be automatically equipped, and different types of armor can be as light, medium, heavy and the armor stats would be 10, 50, 100. So these where my opinions of how it should go
    but feel free to express why it shouldn't. Or maybe I wrote this, and it's probably in the game lol.

  • This is pretty cool, I personally wouldn't implement it all the way to 100 if it did become a thing, but 50 for the max armor would be really cool. Would you be able to elaborate on how it works? If it breaks when shot down to normal health, wether you can keep equipping and unequipping like the food in the base, etc.

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    How about not an item but extra health or resistance to some shots

  • @xyz
    No, of course, you won't be able to equip it once it's broken, but If we were
    to equip it manually, then you can probably equip it whenever you like. Which could lead to making the vest a bit of a high price since you can manually equip the vests.

    What are you trying to say?

    Sorry I don't understand what you are trying to

  • I mean like running around in the base, going into the inventory, and then equipping a new one once that one breaks if you buy in mass. Because then it would just play out like a higher healing food item,

  • Oh it won’t be giving you health when your damaged it’s just An health increaser i’ll call it .

  • Armor sounds good, I support this

  • Interesting.

    I agree with xyz not implementing a full 100% max armor. But maybe 50% max armor might be fair.

    Maybe making it fully protect you from bullets till it breaks or only make you receive half of the damage received. And you shouldn't be able to equip the armor for x second/minute after the armor breaks.

    And drop the broken armor as a loot. So it's fair for those who killed a player with an extra HP.

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    Actually, making the vest light for example block 1/4 of damage of pistols and heavy that blocks shotguns, medium for rifles would make it balanced.

  • Alright, here is my viewpoint of how the armor should work also, let me know what you think of this but let me begin.

    So, I'm just going to say it probably again or maybe say it that sounds similar to you guys, but how I think the armor should work is that no it shouldn't reduce bullet damage I think it should just be another layer of protection. It shouldn't drop as loot unless you can use that material to craft one or sell it probably, and I don't know if I do want it to be 100% AP (armor) or 50%, I think that both should be implemented both but make the heavy one more pricer of course. Also, as light armor, it would be 10%. Oops and one more thing we can make each armor probably reduce speed depending on the armor.

    So yea I would like to see your thoughts on this or what you disagree on or your viewpoint of how
    the armor mechanics should work.

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    I don’t mean to come off rude but it seems like it’s becoming too much of a classical rpg like kingdoms thought. I’m for the idea but not necessarily how it’s being thought of.

  • For me it would be something like an extra life, by equipping the bulletproof vest with the color of the life bar, like a green color. It would be the same size as normal life, it would be the same life and when the GREEN life was over, the normal one would start and the vest would disappear, for me the bulletproof vest would be something that you would buy it and be added as a body
    alt text

  • yea that's was I was saying.

  • @Zuthar
    good idea

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