Adding weapons

  • So, in my opinion, the game doesn't have many guns YET but here are my ideas on what type of weapons should
    be added.

    • WW1 weapons and WW2 weapons.

    • Maybe some energy weapons.

    • Some western weapons would be interesting.

    • Rockets sound fun.

    • LMG's

    And now, for some specific weapons that I like to see added. (Just a few weapons ideas)
    M107, PPsh-41, Lee-Enfield, Browning Hi-Power, M1911, Beretta M9 pistole, XM2010,
    M14, PKP, AS Val, SAKO TRG 42, Kriss vector, MP7, MP40, and spas 12.

    These are just a couple of weapons that should be added to the game this could be a not so big problem right now, but I think this will be soon since this game is, to be honest, the game about mostly evolves around guns and guns require everything you do. So, let me know of your guys/girls viewpoints on this idea Also, energy weapons can be like something you obtain in events if that sounds good.

  • Yeah i'm liking this idea. i was thinking p2ks also - would be pretty fun for a Epic flip on reload animation

  • M1911, Kriss Vector, MP7 and MP40 are already in-game

  • @Matzz
    I don't think there is a Kriss Vector.
    I think IDK I may be wrong.

  • The Kriss Vector is already in the event shop

  • Yeah hahaha, Check events shop.

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