Kingdom Tribes RPG

  • *When you hear about Kingdom Tribes, the first thing that comes to your mind is something similar to Avalonia Online, but I did this because it is a question that has me crazy and I know more people are asking it. What is the game about? Is it the same as Avalonia Online? I'm waiting for an answer
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  • It's not going to be like Avalonia, or Corleone 🙂 later on i can get better description for you gone 🙂

  • @Lekai
    You leave me thinking, but thanks 🙂

  • I think its safe to say that Kingdom Tribes would have been similar to Graal Kingdoms, as Nico played that server for a long time and the name is also similar.
    But there has been no lifesign for ages now, and aquiring GFX was already a problem when I helped the game more than 1.5 years ago.

    Will a surprise to me if they ever release 🙂

  • Banned

    I talked with Nico a little bit ago he’s waiting for Stefan to finish something he was doing for them I forgot what it was but yea.

  • :0 omg!!!!

  • it plans to be an indie mmorpg i guess

  • @Darklux
    Don’t use would have, it will release. Nico will make sure it’s top quality before he releases it, and if you ask me that’s a better way to go then releasing a pile of garbage.

  • @iSneak top quality has a price, though

  • @Elk
    Not everyone costs a arm and a leg. Some people care about a game and want to do it for the dire fact that it’s gonna be a good game. Not every good game comes with a price, of course there’s a small price no matter what but a good game doesn’t have to cost a lot. Kingdom tribes will mirror these words.

  • @iSneak Kingdom Tribes will have monetization methods implemented aswell, and everything is about money, because nothing is free, starting from server hosting and mainteanance, developers, bookmaking, and many more things

  • Kingdom tribes is pretty much a better version of avalonia online. It’s got pretty much everything and something I’m hyped about.

  • @November It's still got it's manager though 😏

  • @iSneak I have enough dirt to throw regarding KT, but out of fairness I am not going to do that (I just hope they deleted my content, which is still my property as a contract to hand it over was never signed. And with deletion I mean deletion, not altering). After all, it would be good to have another game in the ecosystem and if Nico manages to release it, I'll be happy for him.
    Just saying, I always heard "waiting for scripting / engine" for nearly two years, while Flameboy just needed a few months of cooperative working with Stefan to get the whole scripting topic to a totally new level.

    Still, good luck and I hope for a release in near future.

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