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    There isn’t enough spar rewards to make players more interested to spar. If more were put players will start to do it more.

  • Corleone Staff

    I agree. Maybe earning x coins per spar win or something like that can help boost it. Although that would further encourage boosting.

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    That would be nice. Snk can code it so if it’s the same person they won’t get it

  • Jaja yes money money?

  • Would be awesome to have some type of points to earn when basing

  • @iSneak said in Spar:

    Would be awesome to have some type of points to earn when basing

    @flameboy is going to be introducing a gang point system soon, also this isn't the place to be posting this.

  • there should be temporal incentives that vanish upon inactivity

    stuff like money is too prone to stuff like inflation

  • Corleone Staff

    I don't think the rewards themselves are the core issue, it's the lack of competition that doesn't keep players motivated for long.
    It's something I would like to help out with at some point, however I think the spar system itself has room for improvement right now.
    It's not entertaining enough.

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    Corleone players don’t like competition. They leave after getting whipped. They need to be interested in something to actually WANT to do it. Which is why I said we need rewards

  • Corleone Staff Moderator

    I wouldnt even say rewards would do the trick . Example - We add new rewards and players will complain up and down about them being to hard to achieve etc and at the end of the day its just another hat, weapon skin or item you'll get bored of . I think sparring in general should be more than just what we currently have to attract more players (going to spar grounds and 1v1ing a player) Im thinking things like Free For All Sparring simular to the LMS event not as wide-scaled though 4-6 players all in a miniature mega arena sparring to be the last one , Maybe even like a random weapon Spar . You queue up and received a random weapon and have to spar with another who also received a random weapon haha ~ PS just pitching little ideas and my opinion not anything entirely in the works

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    I feel what you are saying. A free for all spar, and random weapon would spice it up it’s something i’d really like to see.

  • They should add some kind of rewards for players basing some kind of points that would motivate people to base more and more clans would be created. So basing would be more active

  • Banned

    There’s clan points so everyone will be able to get the rewards the clan earns. It’s unnecessary to have something like west

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