• Mmm..... So, I was here playing Corleone online, and when I opened up the upload tab (IDK why) I said to my
    Self "you know what would be interesting if they've added an option to upload a skin for a certain gun." So, I thought about this idea and decided this really would make the game really interesting just for the fact that you can add your skins to any particular weapon you choose and you can run around the streets with an awesome skin that you've created while you are killing some baddies/players. From what I can see from this idea that could be a problem is. Players can probably add like an attachment to the skin or possibly change the weapon variants and perhaps add like offensive lettering to the side or inappropriate pictures, but the staff can be able to review their skin before being uploaded, so those are my concerns about this idea.

    Let me know of your guy's opinion or ways this should work

    but if you think about it really would be interesting running around with a skin you make.

  • I hope you guys know what I'm trying to say in the post I've tried my best to explain the idea I had in mind.

  • I love this idea! Sure there’s gonna be problems following this but there can always be the moderation at hand to accept and review these uploads.

  • Banned

    Skins are a clan reward

  • @xii
    Indeed but what if there’s a gun released that allows uploadable skins? I think maybe there should be a certain set of guns that allow it tbh and each gun has a different tier and the higher a tier the gun is the more it costs

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    I’m going to be honest with you I don’t have the mindset to read over this right now. Though I strongly support clan rewards for custom gun skins ONLY.

    Edit: yea that’d make no sense for a clan skin then

  • @xii
    Yes believe me this wouldn’t take the luxury away from those gun skins because Gun Skin rewards can basically go toward any gun. These skins would be based on 2-5 guns that are made specially for player uploaded skins. (+ I believe these skins shouldn’t be able to be Gifs, that should be only clan rewards and shop items)

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    Ight well I gave my overall feedback.

  • Ehh... I think a clan hat is better than a clan skin TBH.

  • Guys, if we have uploadable skins, what's the purpose of a Clan Skin reward? 🙂 🤔 😂

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    There’s a clan hat reward too. People don’t just stop at 1 reward. Well most

  • Mmm, either way, the player chooses if they would want to equip their clan skin or there own they've made.

    And. that remind me if weapon skins where to be uploaded it could save to a folder called "weapons skins" and from there you
    can equip any uploaded skin including clan skins.

  • Banned

    There’s already a skins folder

  • Corleone Staff

    There's already a plethora of gun skins existing – too many for my liking.
    I believe it's something that should be exclusive, regardless of whether we're talking about custom ones or not.
    It's quite evident lots of issues would arise, so while it may sound fantastic in theory, it is not a well thought-out idea, unfortunately.

  • All in all, I'm just going to say we don't know if it's going to be a bad idea till they've tried it.

  • Also, I didn't know there was a skin folder just cause I haven't boughten a skin yet.

  • If it were to ever be added, HMU for some gun skins

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