Individual Activity Schedule

  • It'd be interesting to be able to view & form some sort of weekly Schedule to see (optional Friends/Public/Guild) at what times during the week is active (online) the most, determined by login/logout with a delay of an hour perhaps, so frequent disconnects arnt counted and excessively sent to the respective database.

    For example, people would see that I am online mostly 24 hours a day, but I am afk, eventually even including a method to determine pure activity and afk/rest times.

    This information could be used by Gangs and their rivals to determine Base strategy, or generally for interaction.

    Another example: I wonder what Person X is up to nowadays...I never see him online

    So If he is my friend, or in my gang and has it enabled to be viewed, I would be able to tell at what times he would be active.

    This would probably be an advanced form of "Last online X days)

    It would also be beneficial for statistical data of general activity @Stefan

  • Yeah this would be interesting. This could help Stephan as stated, and also help plan events.

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