New Body & Head Template?!

  • So as you all may know we have been getting tired of hands being attached to the head, so the team and I have decided to finally create a new head and body template, a lot will be changed because of this and we currently don't have an updated item previewer but we should soon.

    If there are any questions or comments leave them down below.

    New Corleone Body Template.png
    new corleone head template.png
    new corleone hat template.png

  • Ilike it

  • AWESOME! Finally can make some hats with some diversity now.

  • Wow! Really nice, can’t wait to see how these are ingame!

  • Very nice

  • Looks Amazing!! 🙂 Question, what's the Cleared Box on the bottom right for?

  • @Lekai I’m pretty sure that’s for someone’s signature

  • Oh, wasn't too sure if it was for Xayn's Signature.. thought it was for something else haha

  • Been waiting on this since release.

  • Good luck changing all banis, but I guess its a good change.
    Will all customs be auto converted, or will owners of custom heads / bodies disowned when the banis are fixed?

  • Corleone Staff Forum Admin

    well, there's a lot! Here are the new templates

    Template_Body.png Template_Hat.png Template_Head.png

  • Sorry, highly questionable if this is a good idea.

    Another sideview, can be easily achieve with mirroring. But many players bought custom heads or bodies, if the changes are too specific it means that it can't be auto-converted and players have to dump their stuff (or get refunds + edits, and reuploads). Adding 12 additional views for the head seems to be overkill.

    Regarding the bodies: I understand the hand problem, but having the hand on the head template had the charm, that it matched the skin color. Now everyone will additionally need a custom body, if they want the skin color to match with their head? Doesn't seem to be a smart idea to me.

    My proposal would be, if you want to redo the body model, redo it as whole. Hands will still be "flying" with the new version, instead of using a proper body model with detached arms that offers a better range of realistic animations. 450 animations will have to be redone either way, and this draft doesn't seem to be an improvement.

  • Don’t mind Darklux. I think this is a awesome update. And can’t wait for it to be added in so we can get new stuff added in. These new things like this will allow for new animations and slicker animations overall. I like this future update and fully support it. Can’t wait.

  • @Darklux I agree with pretty much everything stated here. I had an idea a while back to just add the fourth frame to the head template then simply edit the line of the .bani script to not mirror the right frame, in fact there is usually only one line you'd need to change for "most" of the bani files.

    All 432 of them...

  • @Darklux
    I agree with you, all of us who have uploads will need a refund

  • I think FB was already planning on giving refunds, or something of the sort. Anyway it is to go he will find a way to fair it out for everyone who’s bought a upload

  • for the headtemplate its actually very simple, and the way snk wants to do the body template might work aswell

    if the batch conversion code is done correctly, nobody would need a refund and itd be processed in a few minutes

    the only thing troublesome are the banis i think

  • How are you going to say don't mind Darklux? Who's giving a valid point. Ignoring the possible negatives and feedback about it is pure ignorance. I agree with him, but hopefully they take the route Elk described.

  • Looks way much better, like it.

  • Yeah looks good, but thats not what I am talking about.

    To go a bit more slowly into detail, so the last one is able to understand it:

    • Right now, the hands are on your head gfx, not on your body. If you use a head with darker skin tone, or a custom with different hands, you will have default "caucasian" hands after the change (not willed to name this update or upgrade). Which means, you are essentially forced to buy a new body (maybe they will offer duplicates with other skin color) or a body custom, even if you never felt the need to buy one. Great idea, and totally no ripoff for players111!11! Theres simply no technical reason at all to move the hands on the body template. None. To quote Zayn "So as you all may know we have been getting tired of hands being attached to the head" - please only speak for yourself, Zayn. Yeah, as staff member you can probaply refund your own stuff (atleast you did that quite frequently in the past), thats an option players don't have.

    • It might be possible to auto-convert the heads with imagemagick, whatever, to fully use the happy, angry or dead animation, you will still need to order a new custom. This is "okay" because in best case everything will say "the same" for you if they auto-convert custom heads. Still if you have several customs with different skin / hand colours, you will need custom bodies for every custom head. More custom heads, maybe with different skin colors = more custom bodies.

    • Even if you can update most banis by code, you will still need to apply quality assurance on 450 bodies to find out, if the body is maybe slightly missplaced after the autoconversion.

    • My final argument: It won't improve animations in total, because in the end, the only thing this changes is:
      x Everyone needs new customs
      x Yeah you can have different looks for different sides now. But thats the only improvement I see here.
      x Body and Hands are essentially still the same, the animations will still look odd with hands detached of the body flying through the air, which reminds me of a Super Nintendo Jump'n'Run (I forgot the name). Graal Kingdoms (yeah I don't like Graal too) had a better body model with better options for animations more than ten years ago. If you spend all this time to write auto-conversion code for GFX, and to apply quality assurance / bugfixes for converted bodies, do it for an update thats worth spending the time.

    I can only hope staff is smart enough to revise this decision. Because it isn't smart or thought-out in any way.

    Have fun wrecking things!

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