Money Making

  • Hey everyone 👋 ,

    I’m an off and on Corleone player, trying to get into the game more so here I present in one tutorial : Money Making. 😃 🤑

    Although the idea was taken from here.

    It says the above Thread is “Outdated”. The purpose of this Thread is to condense, update and put some related guides in one place for players to see to make it easier for them.

    • Collecting Trash

      Buying Trashpick.png

    Prices Of Trash.png

    Trash are scattered around the map with a yellow highlight/outline around them, so keep an eye out for them!

    Selling prices are in picture and also below :
    Newspaper : $6
    Broken bottles : $6
    Rotten Apples : $5
    Light Bulbs : $5

    You also have Gun parts with are sometimes dropped by other players/thugs when they are killed.
    Selling prices :
    Gun Parts : $3
    Barrel Gun Parts : $3
    Stock Gun Parts : $4

    It does not seem like a lot of money, however, it mounts up once you have collected many of these items. There seems to be no limit as to the amount of trash you can carry as now I am holding 1000+ newspapers for example.

    • Mushroom Guide

    Here is a link to a post about mushrooms. Made by Matzz.

    Press here.

    As well as a short video made by Kolo explaining it.
    Press here.

    • Burger Making

      Pic 1 Below
      Spatula Pic 1.png
      Pic 2 Below
      Burger Tutorial Pic 2.png
      Pic 3 Below
      Burger Pic 3.png
      Pic 4 Below
      Burger Pic 4.png
      Pic 5 Below
      Burger Pic 5.png
      Pic 6 Below
      Burger Pic 6.png

    Want to make burgers? It’s a great way to earn some coins.

    1. The normal spatula is 10 Coins and is needed to make burgers. Use the spatula when making burgers. (Picture 1)

    2. With your spatula grab a patty from the counter by using the fire button to use the spatula. (Picture 2)

    3. Then grab a bun and place it on your counter beside the patty. A text will pop up explaining which ingredients to use. (Picture 3)

    4. Forget what you need? Don’t worry as a message at the top of your screen shows what is next to add. (Picture 4)
      Alternatively click your counter and the list will pop up again.

    5. With your finished burger, grab it and walk to the white counter. (Picture 5)

    6. Then press the fire button to finish the process and a message will pop up at the top of your screen showing the burger number made and coins made. (Picture 6)

    • Killing Thugs

      Killing thugs is also a way for players to get coins as they drop coins once killed as well as gun parts (sometimes).
      Best method - Use a High damage SMG gun to kill the Thugs.
      Example :

    Thug Killing.png

    You could also shoot/melee coconut trees - not recommended as they do not give many coins (one or two at best).
    Example :

    Coconut Tree.png

    • Events

    Over to Matzz with his Events Guide.

    Press here.

    • Buying Coins

    Coin Prices.png

    2500 Coins - £1.99
    8250 Coins - £4.99
    19000 Coins - £9.99
    58250 Coins - £23.99
    125000 Coins - £48.99

    Any errors/suggestions? Feel free to contact me.

    Thank you for reading this. Hope it helps! 😉


  • Some of the information seems redundant such as listing the coin purchasing options when you have a picture of them. I suggest listing the payment options such as iTunes and google play store. Stuff like that. Overall, a pretty good FAQ/guide. 🙂👍

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