Verification/Account storage

  • Now, we use facebook to store our game data so we can log in through facebook on different accounts but I believe using regular e-mail addresses is a better way to do this as facebook may have more issues.
    Comments guys?

  • I agree. I personally don’t like using Facebook because they track everything even though it is the only platform to access Corleone from PC. Also, some problems that can occur data wise is cheaters can access data from the server that isn’t encrypted very well from flash player. Facebook doesn’t build in data encryption so getting numerical values such as health and bullets and freezing them client side with CheatEngine is all the more possible. The graal client could detect and render cheat engine useless. Integrating security measures like a bot that scans the data for 3rd party value changing would be the best way to catch cheaters within the game. Given the community isn’t very large right now, this isn’t much of an issue. But as the game get harder to earn money and competition arises, cheaters will too. Just something to consider. Now that I have ranted about Account storage and flash player security, I think linking the accounts to an email would be simpler and you wouldn’t have to sign into your Facebook on your friend’s phone to access your account or what have you. Just verify it from your email. Disclaimer, don’t sign in on devices that aren’t yours

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