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    So I’ve been wondering. 🤔

    Why in the world are the gun skins so expensive. 🤑 They are purely aesthetic and I believe you should make them cheaper so that the good gun skins don’t cost more than a good gun….
    It is ridiculous to be honest as skins should not primarily be money based. You could maybe add a certain skin for a spar gun and if the skin prices were lowered, although it would make them less rare, it would draw in more players as well as making people look cooler 😎 . I strongly believe if the prices were lowered, it would be something which people would buy more often rather than neglecting a really cool skin because the price is not worth the work. The pricing is simply off with skins. Why should we pay a lot of money for a skin. Why not make the skins more accessible to people and have other skins that require actual work eg: spar/kills and this way more players gain skins making guns stick out more. Why should a more expensive gun have a more expensive skin? Surely you worked for the gun and should be able to get the skin at a fair low price. Yes I do understand some skins are quite cool/good looking so yes they should be slightly more expensive than other skins but not by much. Having a scar skin at 20k (wasp) is ridiculous as it undermines the put you put it in for the gun you have.
    I am happy with the gun prices as they are but you could add some other ways to get money. You could also add money for basing at set intervals which would provide an incentive to base rather than go around picking up trash because you need money. (Money due to basing can vary between 50 coins to 250).

    Wasp skin pictureskins picture wasp.png

    Apex skin picture
    skins picture apex.png

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    Also another concern is the fact that food is quite expensive for the HP they heal. I know we have 50 HP but weapons do a significant amount of damage to health. I don’t think we should lower the prices but just increase the ways to get money/or add freebies giving food which heal 15-25 HP. This would make basing more competitive and in a 2v1 or 1v1 situation as you are able to heal. Maybe a heal room for the clan who have the base with a few beds that heal slowly could be useful as well.
    Most of these items ie: the food and the skins are neglected and left alone because the price is just too expensive for players and the work needed to get money is not worth it so something does need to be done about it if more players are to come or if you want players to keep playing.

    Thanks for reading this. 😉


    Any comments/ideas please leave them below or shoot me a message. 😃 👋

  • @Z-Tetris In my opinion, The gun skins should be free but the guns should definitely get a price raise. Scar could easily be 100 or 200k like era. I can get 20k in one night of collecting mushrooms at the moment. A 10 day grind for a scar is much better than a month grind for a BAR in era. It's very easy to get money right now but having very high gun prices right now would scare away new coming players which the game needs. I would expect a gun price raise in the future so new players will feel obligated to dish out a few dollars on coin packs for the developers.

  • @Kolo Alright so in the future they could increase the gun prices (maybe even significantly). However, gun skins should be free but like between 50-250 coins which is practically nothing.
    The gun prices are low to encourage people to spend time on the game to buy them and then use them so when the average play count increases then the developers could look into increasing prices and adding new guns worth that price.
    At the same time you don't want to make people keep paying for different guns as otherwise they would get bored of the same gun and not have enough money to buy different ones.

  • Gun prices are fine. If anything, the jobs (cough... digging and mushrooms) should be nerfed and make it harder to get coins. Right along with the buyable coins. The packs should be reduced to give less

  • @iSneak Digging only gives you 150 coins profit each dig with a ( I think 15minute wait before you can buy a next shovel).
    Mushrooms. I have a little under 200 of each and it gives roughly under 3k.

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