What To use?

  • I know youguysamke your maps with Tiled editor and script with Java/HTML5 but what game engine do you use (eg. Unity, Game Maker)

    Because I want to learn how to script I just don’t know where to start.

    And I’m not just one of those kids who come up with a good idea for a game and think I can just wip it out my bum. I know it will be hard to learn all there is to know but I’ll do my best.

    So if you could please tell me some tips and where you develop/script your games that would be great.

  • @Murphy
    The way Corleone works is close to how Graal works. Stefan has worked hard to create an engine of his own, combining different coding languages to make his own that his engine can recognize. This, of course, takes years of learning many languages and takes a lifetime of knowledge to do it correctly. I would start with the Unreal Engine. It’s free, lots of free resource packs and if you’re looking to make a stunning FPS or MMO game, by far the best way to do it. Probably the most powerful engine that is free right now in my opinion. It’s blueprint scripting is very intuitive and easy to understand but you can always straight up script in C, C++, C#, etc, the industry standard for games. Within the editor, you can also create the animations for reloading and walking etc.

  • If you want to learn how to script I suggest first getting to grips with a scripting language - Try C++ as C# is just a better version. There are many apps on the app store so search there as well as on the internet. Once you learn one code language, the other languages wont be as hard. Good luck!

  • @Z-Tetris
    By far python is the easiest language to learn. Not only that but it has so many applications for example: YouTube is almost entirely written in python with a few html things putting it together. It's an amazing language to learn and professional python scripters can make upwards of $250K a year.

  • Yes python is the easiest language but not the best language to code a game with which is what he is referring to I believe. @Kolo

  • That is really awesome. Thank you guys, all I needed was a starting point. I know a little about scripting but I just did not know for 1. Where the best place to script was 2. What is the best language to learn and 3. I have not really put enough time as what I need to actually learn how to script.

    I am excited to start my scripting adventure.

    If there is anything els you think I need to know please make sure to put it in the forum. Because a little help goes a long way.

    Also with C++ and c# do they have other names because I have never really heard of them.

  • @Murphy
    Here is a pretty good website that explains the differences between C, C++, C#
    Press here

    They are different.

  • To script a game will be very difficult if you don’t know the syntax or how to use proper scripting technique. I suggest learning python first anyways. Then moving to any other coding language will be a breeze. Making a game is a longer process that it may seem. As for the place to practice? I suggest Microsoft’s Visual Studio. It’s free and it has a dark mode that is amazing. Also, Notepad++ is a good free code editor that is used by many. Happy scripting!

  • Awesome I will do that 🙂

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