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  • Hey there everyone. 👋

    So as we know the player count is roughly 30-40 and I believe no one really knows about the game because no one really advertises it or promotes it. Hence, I strongly believe Corleone should have an Advertisement Team 📫 for example who will look for ways to promote the game and spread it across to different people/cultures/countries. We know discord, for example, is a chat for gamers and has plenty of advertising platforms/servers for the game to be promoted. Another way is by asking players to review the game and as a reward they get an event gem. Or host an invite reward contest by using the invite bot to track invites and the top 3 inviters to the discord server will get an EG/EC
    There are many different incentives to get people to spread and advertise the game so hopefully the player count will increase. As I said, not many people know about Corleone so I think promoting it or having an advertising/promoting team would heavily help.

    Let me know your thoughts/suggestions!

    Thanks 😃


  • Corleone Staff

    Yes we've talked about it. I have some experience in social media management so hopefully when the new updates rolls around we will start.

  • Great, as have I. It will be interesting to see this new update 👀

  • I strongly believe the community can help. I would advertise without an incentive. Although, if iAppsBeats became an advertiser for Snapchat, it would help the game grow tremendously. Snapchat is a great way to advertise for a game. Only problem is, you’d have to make an advertisement for the game. Paying someone like Elk to make an animation would be a great way to make it. Additionally, it seems 40%+ of the community is Spanish players so idk who advertised to them specifically but somehow it happened.

  • Not sure if it makes much sense to advertise the game in it's current state. The gameplay needs tweaks badly (that are in discussion for a while now), not sure whats the current status on them.

    Basing isn't really appealing, theres not much to do otherwise (except grinding and few events), theres no real tutorial for players that didn't previously play era. Thats why the conversion rate between new players and players that actually stay for a longer time is rather bad.

    I'd like to see the playercount improve aswell, but right now investing time and effort into advertisement seems like a waste of time to me.

  • If you want publicity, do a battle royale xd, ok no.

    Is true what Darklux says, even the game is not firmly done so that many people no are interested, you still need to add things that may be interesting, Club Penguin is an example they should add more things to make the game popular. Only that Club penguin stopped being popular due to the arrival of new games online . And if you do not want that, then make a Battle royale ... cya

  • P.S. I do not mean it's like club penguin obviusly

  • Yeah I do agree that certain features need to be tweaked and some more exciting content should be added, but we need to draw new players in as well. That is how to improve the player count.

  • People join after seeing marketing or advertisement if the game is good. Thats why I'd say improvements first, marketing later. Otherwise it's wasted effort, because the players will log in one time for 5 minutes, and never again.

  • Another way to captivate a new player is to start them in a small room and they think the game is trash then when they leave the building, a cinematic that pans over everything and shows them what is possible floods their brain with stimuli. This typically works for games that have beautiful graphics and such but I think with some editing, Corleone can get a tileset revamp that makes the game look less bland and more detailed and lively. Following this new map update, I think adding a forest with a huge gilder green in the center with leaf particle effects filling the screen, making the scene look alive, would be amazing. This is only one example on how Corleone can look more alive and captivating. Adding more colors goes a long way.

  • Much lag

  • Yup. I think updating the map (which is soon) should be done near June/July where the holidays occur so the target demographic (teens) have more free time.

  • After this map update, I believe everything will even out and updates will flow faster.

  • Here comes all the social media managers.

  • I strongly agree. But with people calling it a ripoff of graal,its gonna cause some problems. The only chance we got is if some large youtuber actually shows it on their channel and then things might increase. Maybe try asking some bigger youtubers to promote it and review it. Then let's see what happens.

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