Web Client issues

  • Revive button does not appear when in full-screen mode of web client. This is consistent across Firefox, Chrome, Edge.

    PS: Is there a planned option to change a facebook-identified account to being associated with an email address? Because it would be much more convenient now that such accounts are possible.

  • Major issue: NPC Mobs not attacking the player.
    It is common but not guaranteed that the web client runs in a mode where none of the NPC Mobs register your existence as a threat.
    Tested with another player; he could activate a Mob's attack mode towards himself, but it would still never change it's focus towards me and it seems my attacks would even reset it to idle mode.
    Interestingly; if I shot a mob within a few tiles of it while it was facing me, then it would warp forward into melee range. Possible evidence that it still registered me on some level.

    Minor issue: Animated hats loading wrong
    If you log into the game through Web Client wearing an animated hat, then it will include a black box frame in it's animation loop. Once you've changed hats and come back to it this will be fixed.

    Minor: sit, dance, etc. not working

  • for your facebook identification question I already made a thread here.

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