Spar Complex

  • Hi guys 😎 , i would totally play again if there was a little more emphasis focused around the spar complex. Maybe move the spar complex to the unstick area? Spar rewards? etc etc

    Much love, Koho. ✌

  • This post is deleted!

  • I totally do agree that the spar complex does need a little more attention. With the ability to still spar through profiles, I believe this makes the spar complex useless. I believe we should remove the spar ability through profiles away, and do what you said with the moving it closer to the starter area (which I hope happens with the new map).

  • @KohoSoul Hello,

    It's a bit true But as @iSneak said, we hope you add it on the new map. I think they could make some faction changes in this respective area. And the truth is that I would like Corleone to be more interested in the spar section.

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