Lottery System

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    Good Afternoon,

    To get familiar with the new functions available, I've designed a simple lottery system. Players can buy a ticket by using the command 'buy ticket' and once it has started it will automatically generate a winner in the next 5 minutes.

    function onPlayerTouchsMe() {
        player.showmessage("To play the lottery say 'buy ticket'");
    function onPlayerSays() {
            //If the players chat isn't 'buy ticket' let's ignore it and not continue with the script
        if ( !== "buy ticket") return;
            //If the player does say 'buy ticket' and the array exists, lets see if the player has already purchased a ticket
        if (this.tickets_accounts !== null) {
                //If their ID appears in the list it means they have already purchased a ticket so we shouldn't add them to the list again
            if (this.tickets_accounts.includes( {
                player.showmessage("You've already purchased a ticket.");
                //If they don't appear in the list, let's add them to the list
        } else {
                //If the array doesn't exist, let's create it and also start the count down
            this.tickets_accounts = [];
            this.tickets_timer = (60*5); //Draw it in five minutes, change this time if you would like to make it longer
            //Make the player aware they've purchased a ticket
        player.showmessage("You've purchased a ticket " +;
        //Deduct their money here
            //Copy the players outfit so they know they've purchased it
            //Store the variables every time somebody buys a ticket;  
            //Start the count down
        this.scheduleevent(10, "updatetext", "");
        //This is the main function which displays the text and also controls the prize draw
    function onUpdateText() {
            //Cancel all other events so it only runs the function once every 10 seconds
            //Deduct 10 seconds from the countdown timer as we scheduled to run this function every 10 seconds
        this.tickets_timer -= 10;
            //If the seconds are less than 0, we randomly select a winning ID
        if ( this.tickets_timer < = 0) {
                //Find a random ID from the accounts list we stored when the player buys a ticket
            let winner = this.tickets_accounts[Math.floor(Math.random() * this.tickets_accounts.length)];
   = "AND THE WINNER IS.... " + winner;
            //Add your items here
                //Make the animation look happy
                //Reset the variables
            this.tickets_accounts = null;
            this.tickets_timer = null;
                //Stop the function and no longer run any timeouts or events as it is now over
            //If there is still time remaining, show how many entries and the time until it the draw
        let time = toTimeString(this.tickets_timer); = "Total Entries: " + this.tickets_accounts.length + ". Drawing in: " + time;
            //If it's made it this far, we still have time remaining so let's call this function again in 10 seconds
        this.scheduleevent(10, "updatetext", "");
        //Wake up the script if necessary and start the timeout to display the message
    function onUpdated() {
        if (this.tickets_accounts !== null)
            this.scheduleevent(10, "updatetext", "");
        //Convert the seconds to an hh:mm:ss format
    function toTimeString(seconds) {
      return (new Date(seconds * 1000)).toUTCString().match(/(\d\d:\d\d:\d\d)/)[0];



  • Great job! Hopefully this is added to the server 🙂

  • I really hope this is added. Would bring a great concept, especially if trades come along because this would help increase the games economy. 🤙🏼

  • Corleone Staff

    It's awesomeee

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