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    Hello it’s slasher here for those of you who may or may not know me. I’ve created a guide of Corleone on discord covering almost everything there is in game from auctions,basing,jobs,uploads,and even some development guides. I’ll make this explicitly clear before it gets confusing,this isn’t a community server. The server has detailed guides steps in each guide along with pictures and arrows that guide you through the photos. Every channel is a guide and is read only,the only channels that are type accessible are the feedback and guide ideas channel and they are cool down sensitive. For those of you that aren’t in the community Corleone discord there’s a guide in the guide discord I’ve created on how to join it! Here’s the link for anyone interested in joining :)))

    Discord Link: Corleone Online Guide

    Discord join code: QRGV5yC

  • @slasher Hi,

    Could you be more explicit and explain better what you explain?

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    @Henrri What do you mean by explain better what I’m explaining,I’m a little confused my apologies.

  • @slasher I just wanted to say that it could be a little more explicit. And better explain what you are trying to explain in this thread?

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