Add Registration or some sort of Identify Saftey

  • I was unable to login, i kept getting connection lost. In frustration I deleted the app and reinstalled it hoping I could play again now I’ve lost my account and I don’t know how else to contact an admin

  • Corleone Staff Moderator

    Hi @Goddiem . You we're reported and caught by numerous individuals in the community as well as myself using what Im guessing is a third party tool/software which allowed you to speed up you characters movement and ultimately gain an advantage over other players doing so. With that being said using any form of third party hacking tools or anything close is striclty against our ToS and In-game rules therefore you have been Indefinitely banned from playing corleone online. Any further questions contact [email protected]

    Kind Regards ~enue

  • @Goddiem Hi, I think the answer of the administrator (a) @enue is right. To contact an administrator I recommend that you go to the server of discord in corleone. Or contact flameboy or stefan. How he said enue. For more information visit: [email protected] and you can contact an administrator from here by sending a private message.
    He waited for the problem to be fixed. :). ☺

  • created that staff members can work from an account with a respective ID to another ID.

  • Both of these last replies were unnessisary. /Closethread

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