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    Before you begin please make sure you have the latest version of Tiled installed which can be found here.

    Once you've installed Tiled and opened it up, in the top left select 'File' > 'New' and then 'New Map'. We use the following settings:

    You are welcome to change the Map Size, however if you're doing a test level or an inside level usually 100x100 is enough. The Tile Size can remain at 16x16 as that's the size of the tiles we use for Corleone. Once you're ready select the 'Save As...' button and save the map with the 'Save As Type' selected to 'Json map files (*.json)' otherwise it won't work in game.

    You'll now have a blank canvas and we need to add the Corleone tileset. Save this file in the same place you saved the map file (right click on the image below and select the 'save image as...' option)

    In Tiled, in the top left select 'File' > 'New' and then 'New Tileset'. Call the tileset name 'MAIN' and locate the tileset you've just saved as the Image Source.
    You don't need to touch the transparency or tile width or height.

    You're now ready to begin level design as you've got tiles loaded in to Tiled. Select the Layers tab and you'll find a layer has been created for you called 'Tile Layer 1'. This can be the ground the player walks across and is drawn underneath the player. To create another layer for blocking tiles the player cannot walk across (such as a wall), right click in the Layers section and select 'New' > 'Tile Layer' and call the layer 'Walls' (or blocking tiles, something to resemble that the player cannot walk over)
    You can now select the walls graphics within the Tileset section and add all the blocking tiles so they player cannot walk across.

    I've attached a very basic level showing two layers (ground and walls). You can add as many layers as you like but try and keep it within 10~ as it can impact performance.

    Here's the actual JSON file of the above picture, save it in the same location as the tileset Test.json (right click > save link as)

  • I noticed that there are some walls missing from the tileset , can i have them please ?

  • Corleone Staff Forum Admin

    Which ones? You may need to open the json file as they're now a template and you can use the colours at the top of the tileset as a layer under them 👍

  • @flameboy I'm talking about outside walls , I'm sure there were more than these

  • Corleone Staff

    I agree I would like the other outside building tiles.

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    Please can you post a picture of the ones missing? (log in game and find them etc) 🙂

  • 469d410c-1c8e-4dd3-ba51-bf37663f8bbc-image.png A lot of walls and windows from this one are missing (found this in the Discord server)

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    I've put together this level pack for you as it uses layers- I'm still working on the tiles to make them better but this is my approach on buildings. We are limited in the tileset space therefore I've made them transparent and we generate a wall color under the wall itself


    I'll be making more tiles and making unique effects for walls and glass, as you can see we already have a big color pallet so I just need to make more unique wall templates. I'll do some more this weekend and post a new version of the tileset for you all 🙂

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    👌 Thanks Unix

  • @flameboy Oh damn , thats really smart

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    I've updated the tileset in the original post 🙂

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