Mushroom Picking Guide

  • Hello,
    my name is Matzz, and today I'll be showing you everything about mushrooms (where to find them, how much they sell for, and my personal opinion on it).

    To start off; there are 3 types of mushrooms - green, brown, and red
    Here's how much each of them sell for:
    GREEN - 5 coins
    RED - 6 coins
    BROWN - 6 coins

    Once you pick a mushroom, you should get 1-3 of them (depends on your amount of money while you're doing it)

    They DO NOT spawn randomly - here's where you can pick them up (sorry, the pic was kinda rushed so it's not the best quality)

    Now, that's a lot of mushrooms. 👆
    I suggest you watch Kolo Corleone's video on which path to take to have better profit, it's a great video.

    If you want to do this job more often, I suggest you pick trash with it aswell (more money), and have a combat knife with yourself since it's the most powerful melee (you can get it for 600 spar wins in Spar Grounds).

    I think this is the best job in-game if you do it properly and with equipment I mentioned earlier.
    It's really effective if you are persistent and know what you're doing.

    This is my first guide on this forum, feel free to point out any mistakes and give your opinions - it would be highly appreciated. I'll be doing a lot more stuff like this, so stay tuned.
    Hope I helped you,

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