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    As you've noticed a few of the forum categories don't have any images assigned to them and are a gradient blocks:

    If you'd like to post any old pictures you have or create new one with friends for both Avalonia and Corleone I can convert them in to the categories. Obviously try and link the categories with the picture (as in don't submit a picture of you swimming if you're wanting to submit the picture for the Clan Recruitment category). You don't need to put the text of each category in the picture, the website can this for you

    The available categories are:

    • Announcements and News

    • Competitions

    • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Hellos and Goodbyes


    • Clan Recruitment

    • Guides and Secrets


    • News

    • Guides and FAQs

    • Staff Recruitment

    Game Development

    • New Gaming Projects

    Please post your pictures in this thread and I'll make it clear which pictures I'll be using. For every picture I use you will be rewarded with one Event Gem on Corleone.

  • Corleone Staff

    alt text Avalonia Clan Recruitment photo, this is my photo in the Clan Shop and those are all the current Clan Hats in-game. alt text Category: Community - Competitions. alt text Corleone - Staff Recruitment.

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