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  • Corleone Staff Forum Admin

    Hello and welcome to the Corleone Online Forums!
    Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with these basic rules of our Community Forums. They have been implemented to make sure that the forums promote a healthy, happy, and safe community.

    • No Hate Speech Discriminatory language or comments towards certain groups (sexist, racist, or homophobic in nature)
    • No Roasting – Refrain from language/comments that are antagonistic, derogatory, abusive, aggressive, confrontational, slanderous, or provocative.
    • No Harassment, This includes continued intimidation, pressurized, pestering or forceful remarks towards a member in public or in private, sexual or otherwise
    • No Explicit Material AT ALL ! Posting or linking to any explicit, pornographic or offensive media; such as sex, nudity or gore (this includes signatures & avatars) Violation of this rule will lead to being Temporarily Suspended and or Banned from our forums
    • No Spam/Non logical, one word or non-contributory posts, and double posting. Off-Topic discussions should be in the appropriate board and may be removed by a moderator needed be.
    • No Discussing illegally obtained or pirated materials; such as games, software or other media.
    • No Excessive Advertising or Promoting of your website, Twitch/Youtube channel or other services such as referral links by posting topics or DMing members (Post One Link)
    • No Multiple Accounts A new account should only be made if there is a legit reason; members using another account to break rules or evade bans or Timeouts will be taken care of appropriately
    • No Naming/Shaming If you believe someone is cheating please reach out to our support or directly to our PMs
    • No talking about bans This is private information to the player itself, you should not be giving this information to other players. Please reach out to our support if this happens
    • What happens if I break the rules?
      Breaking these rules will result in the following :
      Reminder/Warning Mistakes are made. A mod will contact you and give you a warning so we can get back on track.
    • Temporary Suspension this can be anywhere from 48hrs, 1 week, and 1-month suspension. Length of the suspension is dependent on the nature of the incident and the frequency that the user has violated the rules. Temporary suspensions will only suspend you from posting/PMing other members – but you will still be able to see the forums.
    • Permanent Ban Forum account is permanently BANNED from Corleone Online forums.
    • Please be aware that doing anything which is deemed illegal in the real world is not allowed on Corleone Online.
      Again, welcome to the Forums and happy posting!
    • Your IAppsBeats Staff Team

    We retain records detailing each offense and the actions taken in response. Actions taken is at the Moderator's discretion, but is based on the severity of the offense(s) and their frequency.

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