Mushroom Gathering Guide

  • I’m going to make this guide to explain what Mushroom Gathering is, and how to do it for all of you new players!

    1st step:
    Get your sword out! Pretty basic step as it should already be equipped.

    2nd step:
    Let’s look around. If you see anything that looks like a mushroom, try hitting it and see if a Hp bar shows up. (Do this by hitting the button on the right side of the screen with the sword on it. Make sure your facing forwards looking at the mushroom)

    3rd step:
    After you’ve collected the mushroom, you may go sell it at the mushroom shop directly right from start. (Look on your map for the mushroom shop if you have problems)

    Hope this helps anyone who has problems with how to raise money on Avalonia! Have a great time.

  • Side note:

    If you don’t know how to take your sword out and somehow, someway it’s not equipped go to the menu button on the top left, then go to items, then hit weapons. The starter sword or whatever other sword you might have will be there.

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    What does a mushroom look like

  • What's a sword

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    Idk I’m trying to find out too

  • @iSneak I've made a guide on this already - but it's nice to see other people explain it in a different way

  • @Matzz
    I made the best mushroom guide 😉

  • or 👌 I love how you gave this good explanation, for the new people who are interested in the game and in the forums. Good work, I really liked how you related the topic :).

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