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  • Hi, Matzz here 😀

    Today, I'll be sharing my little secrets I use to win events. I'm also very close to getting Galil, so it's the perfect time to make this guide.

    I'll be telling you tricks for each event;

    TRIVIA - Personally, my favourite event. It's fun, takes quick reaction and thinking fast to win; To win trivia, you'd have to work on your typing speed. It's one of the main things you need to actually have a chance of winning. I average 120 WPM (Words Per Minute), and it's probably the main reason I win a lot of trivias. I'm not a fast thinker, too.
    If the topic is Corleone related, I suggest you just wait for the admin to ask the question and hope you know everything about it, but if it's related to something else; you should open a new tab, and wait for the question. That's very obvious, but I figured there might be people who still don't know this.
    Some say trivia takes no skill because people only use Google, and I somewhat agree with them when the trivia isn't corleone related 😛

    HIDE N SEEK - One of my favourite events aswell. To this event, I've got a bit more to share since it's not just about typing & thinking fast.
    To win HNS, you need to own a car (or just get one from the streets), and a Zombiehand, which makes you run faster once you're close to the shop the admin is hiding in - I suggest putting it in the hotkey you put your favourite melee in, so you do it instinctively.
    Then, you need to know at least 70% of the items in EACH shop, so when the admin gives a hint, you know where to go.
    I said this at the beginning already, but you have to type & think fast too. Once you get to the admin first, you need to say found in order to win, but what if there's another person who was a few meters behind you, but can type faster than you? You would be in great disadvantage - that's why you need to practice typing. I also suggest playing reaction games.

    LAST MAN STANDING - It's a great event, usually the one that stresses me out the most due to many new players shooting randomly and not caring about winning, but still taking away HP which leads me to losing in the near end, but that's another story.
    As a solid LMS player myself, I use these tricks to win;
    Going in a bottom corner - doesn't matter which one, it just has to be bottom, it gives me an advantage because most players seem to fight at the top and it's easier to fight people coming downwards.
    You also need to put whichever guns you feel comfortable using in your hotkeys, it's a huge advantage.
    Once there's very little players left, try trapping a player in a corner, but don't team. When you're going to 1v1 - play carefully, try not to underestimate your opponent, because I've lost multiple times to someone with lower HP than me at the beginning of the 1v1, and it hurts, but I deserved it, also try using pistols - they have low freeze and you can stack a few shots on your opponent if they're using a rifle since it's very tanky and slow. Also, don't go in crowded areas, since they can make you laggier and you are most likely to take more damage, and even taken out.

    RACE - I've won race once, so I'm clearly not an expert, but I've seen proffesionals play it and I've learned a few things. The main reason I don't win it often is because of my lag & high ping, though that's a me problem.

    I've seen many people use Zombiehand thinking it'll make it easier for them if they're faster, but that's actually a huge disadvantage. Why? The path is very tiny, so you can fall easily. Try using something you move slow with (VSS, Space Rope, SCAR), it's much easier.

    KTA - Kill The Admin, one of my least favourite events, besides Race, but it's still an event 🤷
    I've won KTA a couple of times, and here's what I learned from it; you've got to have good connection. Can't win if you lag, I'm a very laggy player myself, but I guess I got lucky. If you're playing KTA to win EC/EG, and not rack up PKs - then I suggest you just wait until the admin is at low HP, then rush in and get them. You should also use a combat knife once they're low HP since it takes a lot of damage (9) and is very fast aswell.

    This took a long time to type out, but it was worth it - hope I helped you 👍
    Please comment if I've missed something, because I'm learning how to make perfect guides and I want to improve.
    Happy EC Hunting,


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    Haha , u almost got Galil 😉

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