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  • So I’m making this thread to see what you all like doing on your down time.
    Me, myself, and I love to make Sfx and play games. I play soccer (aka football) on the side along with a interest within pro gaming.

    I like:

    • Collectable cards
    • Games (as stated)
    • Post Malone’s Music/Merch
    • ^^ Also swae lee

  • Corleone Staff Forum Admin

    I really like eating. I'm not going to lie. Haha

    Movies, playing PS4 and developing my skills in coding I guess. I have a lot of friends and we see each other every other week either drinking or eating. 😂

  • Banned

    I consider myself as a very average/normal person. One of the most favorite things I love to do is watch movies. I can not stress this enough I go to the movies every week. I’m really interested in superhero movies marvel&dc. Though I also like drama and comedy especially anything related to Jonah Hill. I loved the old-ish style produced movies such as SuperBad, 21/22 Jump Street, The Hangover 1,2, and 3. Then I also like to link up with friends we try to do something new together every week bike riding, gym, and such.

  • I'm very anti-social, though I might seem the complete opposite in-game.
    I like psychology related topics, football/soccer, jumping rope, climbing & exploring abandoned buildings with friends, etc.

    I'm a huge fan of rap and pop music (K.A.A.N., Eminem, MGK, Dax, X (xxxtentacion), Joyner Lucas), etc.
    And finally - gaming, which is a big part of my life, and led me into meeting many great people with who I talk to this very day.

    That's about it, if you ever see me in corleone (Name: Matzz), PM me if you need anything since I'm online often.

  • I'm also antisocial, I like to immerse myself in the internet world, sometimes I'm playing GTA V or just surfing the web 😛

  • Basically I prefer the internet than friends, that I think is bad

  • Binge eating

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