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    What has been the best movie you have ever seen?

    For me it was Lucy released in 2014 starring Scarlett Johansson. Also well known as the character Black Window in the MCU. The creators put tons of thought into the storyline and was very entertaining. The ending was kinda sad but was a good kind of sadness.

    When a boyfriend tricks Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) into delivering a briefcase to a supposed business contact, the once-carefree student is abducted by thugs who intend to turn her into a drug mule. She is surgically implanted with a package containing a powerful chemical, but it leaks into her system, giving her superhuman abilities, including telekinesis and telepathy. With her former captors in pursuit, Lucy seeks out a neurologist (Morgan Freeman), who she hopes will be able to help her.

  • I'm a huge horror fan - and it's going to have to be the whole Saw series. It's very well made with many turns and twists in it

  • Really love Lucy aswell

    LIking Transcendence, and my alltime favorite is the 5th Element I think, which is from Luc Besson aswell (Lucy director)

    I kind of enjoyed Valerian aswell, and there are some anime movies I enjoyed too.

    But generally I really love fantasy movies with good stories... Harry Potter and such aswell in that case, Matrix etc

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    Anything with Tom Hanks starring in it.

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    Its Hard to pick one favorite, I loved to Hunger Games series as well as this movie called Need for Speed with Aaron Paul , Im also a Horror junkie so anything Scary to me is awesome ,tough question lol

  • Yeah , I like that too

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    Interstellar, hands down.

  • hmmmm, is easy, my favorite movie is i dont know :3

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    Best Movies:
    Oceans 11
    Fight Club
    Smokey and the Bandit

  • Best movie for me is Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

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