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    Good Morning,

    As you know we're in the process of redesigning a lot of Corleone and we would like to know which direction you would like us to go in.

    Staff got talking about the plot/story and we had some really interesting ideas i'd like to share with you all. These are just ideas for now but based on your reaction we'll either progress or pursue another avenue.

    We were thinking of introducing factions around the map that control sections. These factions are like families, such as the Yakuza (Chinese Mafia). They would own a portion of the map which would be related to them (their choice of weapons such as swords, chemical bombs etc) and so on. An Italian faction would focus on the items such as a Morano Thompson and Molotovs, each faction would be unique. (You can buy these weapons regardless of the faction you choose and you wouldn't be limited however it would make the map more interesting by making bespoke shops and areas)

    These factions would then interact with each other through instance generated maps. Theses map would include raiding other families to steal their money or prevent them from robbing your shops within an area of the map. This would be classed as a job and maybe we can introduce ranks so as you rank through the faction you would be able to participate in harder instances.

    Each family would have a flag but every hour or so the flag room changes, so we would rotate the flag through each factions base. The faction that is hosting the flag would obviously defend it, whilst all the other factions would try and over take it. The defending faction can buy defences for their base. To make this more interesting I was thinking of making the factions unlimited, so you can't attack your own faction in the gang base however you and your gang would earn hours/minutes for your own clan from defending and taking over the enemy base. You can only participate in these events if you're in a clan.

    This is where your clan would come in to play - you can buy items for the faction base using the hours you've attributed for either defending the base or rewarding your clan members.

    What are your thoughts on this so far? Is this something that interests you?

  • Yes , that look really cool

  • Amazing. You're a blessing sir

  • Corleone Staff

    It is super cool and all but what if everyone just chose a specific faction and the other factions happen to be left to be doomed and dominated?

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    The faction doesnt matter, there is no person in charge of the faction and it's just a placeholder to host events and raid the bases. You'll still have other factions wanting to gain ownership

    Something else I thought of

  • Honestly this game has a lot of potential and what i think it needs is more competition between clans, so yeah the idea is a very good idea.

  • @MyOwnWife You're right, but at the moment there is no clan that can compete with Imperial. No update can change it.

  • @Matzz Obviously no one will try because the idea is not in effect yet. I'm sure alot will team up to take imperial down. with that system in place no one will leave you guys sit in the base. Trust me.

  • @Lekai I agree

  • @Matzz My Basing Days are over so i guess i will just watch! =D

  • Banned

    ye come at us. I’d say get 3 clans to compete with us that aren’t from avalonia and you’re fine. Oh wait every clan is

  • @xii Admit it, we'd get clapped if a gang from era came here

  • Banned


    Not really. Era gangs are trash they use allies to help war. Then EC items which are totally op. You have the alliance that keeps every gang to stay at their own base with small wars so the staff don’t nerf basing. Plus corleones controls are different and the weapons are balanced. Eras weapons are too op

  • @xii I agree with the weapon part, they were too OP even before the buff

  • This post is deleted!

  • @flameboy
    Going off of the basing points idea, Graal Ol’ West has a system like this and I quite enjoy it. You get a point for every minute you stay in the base. However in Ol west, you could get an overpowered staff if you spent like 20K points in it. I also think a weapon reward for killing baddies would be appreciated 😏 not many people trying to gain that top spot on the baddy charts.

  • Eh, maybe. Could be implemented in a way that every min or so you get a point. Would the faction you choose only be 'attached' to you in these events or is this a fully committed decision the player makes. The ideas about the factions are interesting seeing as no one is in charge. Maybe you could randomise it so the total number of players are split into the different factions and you have to attack the enemy base and gain control of it to gain coins - used for rewards. Furthermore, the idea of fortifying your base seems sketchy to be fair. Could be interesting however. The rotating flag idea - possibly good. Maybe once a base is taken, everyone is cleared from the base. Would you only be able to use the items (from the faction using the hours) in these type of events of in the general gameplay?

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