Hello how do i keep my account and save my progress help

  • So i have been playing Corleon Online for 2-3 hours without connecting to the fb because i didnt know it saves your progress and im afraid if i deleted the app or if a i buy a new phone will cause losing my progress so how do i save it if i connect to the fb right now it starts a new account so i have to disconnect from fb to play with my account help me 😞

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    If it does that there’s no other way 😞 id recommend contacting @flameboy though he may not help you because there’s not much a player could earn in 3 hours. Worth a shot though

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    If you connect to facebook it should automatically transfer your account over to a new ID along with all your items. But since its creating a new ID you won't be in any gangs I believe. When I switched over I didn't have access to my gang anymore. But all your hats, items and guns should transfer over.

  • High staff are able to merge accounts in certain situations, this is one of those where you may be eligible. I would contact @flameboy on discord at flameboy#8965 or you can try forum PMing him on here. Hope it works out!

  • @Tanzy no i connected to fb and it starts a new account it didnt transfer anything help please i made a lot of progress now 😞

  • @sus Well ... Easily keep the phone. And he created that if you can connect from Facebook assuming that all your articles go directly there is. But just keep the phone ... And you mean facebook with phone or pc?

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