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    Events Team

    We need an Events Team now hold up to all those people who cry about it being a “useless” staff role. No it’s not nor did I say they have to be staff?

    Here’s my suggestion:

    A non-staff events team. Players can apply but they aren’t staff and their powers only work IN event levels. If you’ve ever played era pc you get it. They will not be in the staff discord or receive any special payment besides let’s say 5 ec per week. They’d have a different kind of admin level given to them and game admin wouldn’t be on their profile. Depending on how long they’ve been apart of the events team will determine if they’re able to add ec only. This will of course need to be scripted for the rights but I’d say it’s useful. This way the player count is always decent throughout the day.

    Events Team Rights

    • Half of month strictly only a certain amount of events hosted plus monitored ALL the time.
    • Full month gaps between hours still monitored but less and not at every event.
    • Month and a week can host whenever they want if no one else is and monitored for the first 2 days
    • 2 months able to monitor others with wrap (only allowed to use wrap if they are in an event level it won’t work otherwise) Also allowed to add EC though only 20 a week
    • 3 months unlimited powers though limited EC

    What if they abuse?
    Don’t be silly the same punishment will be given that staff get.

    Rules to apply?
    Up to 2 jails and must not be within 2 months
    (The jails have to be acceptable)

    How old?
    15 and above

    Remember this is just a suggestion

  • Corleone Staff

    Or possibly bot generated events. Pay 100 coins to join a race. Everyone who pays the coins joins the event and winner takes all.

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    True. Though events like water race, kta, hide and seek would still need to be hosted by someone.

    Laggers=water race
    Hide and seek=code can bug
    Then you know kta

  • I think it's a good idea, also about the bots, I think it could work, they could configure it so that it does not appear on the map for the Hide and Seek events, and set it to do the same thing again and again for the Race event

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    What do you mean?

  • @xii Aw, why did you do him like that, you can clearly see he's using translate and now I doubt he'll ever respond. Poor guy

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    Oh is that why he used the italic forum

  • I don't know, could be either for that or because it makes the text look better?

  • @Matzz
    I do not know what you mean, but I hope it's not an insult ...

  • Nah 😂 - in relation to the whole idea.

  • @Gone No, it's not an insult

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