WHY not be the first post!

  •   Okay,    
       so It's not my birthday but why not just post 
          it in here since there is no  post in here
             but my birthday is on January 21.  (Passed already)

  • I can think of a couple reasons of why you shouldn’t of posted this actually. So there’s your why not.

  • @xyz

    Then state them IDC.

    I posted this post to help and try to revive this dead topic.

    And, I just wanted to bring that topic up or bump it up to let people know of this topic and that it is a thing. But, I feel like maybe your reasons are going to be like, "but it's not related to this topic" or "It's not your birthday, and you shouldn't have posted that" But it's still similar to the topic and sticking to it, and I do understand it wasn't my birthday. I know I've shouldn't have posted it. But, it's still somewhat similar to the topic in my opinion. (which probably my opinion won't matter to you or anyone which is fine IDC)

  • It’s not a dead topic.... there hasn’t been any birthdays yet since the forum released, hence why there were no posts in this section. This subsection is for birthday posts only, not for people wanting to be the first poster in a topic.

  • @xyz

    Just saying eventually there will be a person that is going to be the first one to
    make a post in this topic, so I'm not going to argue about that. But, I still stuck with the topic.
    Either way, my birthday didn't happen to long ago.

  • Banned

    Let’s put our big boy pants on and stop arguing/debating on weather you should or shouldn’t have posted this it’s childs play. It happened so there’s nothing that could’ve been done about it.

  • Lol, you didn't have to end it I already mentioned: " I'm not going to argue about that."
    It was pretty much relating to what he said and that I gave up on this conversation. But, thanks for stopping us.

  • Were all friends here 🙂

  • Im not trying to argue or prove wether or not this should have or shouldn’t have been posted? I’m literally referring to the forum rules.

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